It is important to have the home ready for the shoot when I get there. This leads to better photography and eliminates wasted time for everyone involved. Average time for my photo shoots is 2 -3 hours. That time is based on homes up to 4000 sq.ft. Of course, larger homes will require more time. Please review the checklist below and share it with the homeowner so that I can better assist you in the success of your listing. Thank you.

General Areas

1. Remove as much clutter as possible. Store excess in garage.
2. Replace all light bulbs with matching bulbs.
3. Clean all windows inside and outside.
4. Remove all personal items e.g., photos.
5. Tidy/hide all power cords/cables.

Den/Living Areas

1. Turn off TV and put remotes away.
2. Remove all toys, fans, game consoles.
3. Remove exercise bikes, equipment.
4. Arrange DVDs, games, books, neatly in shelves.
5. Turn off and clean ceiling fans.

Kitchen/Dining Areas

1. Put away all dishes, cutlery.
2. Remove all counter top appliances.
3. Clean back splash and range hoods, especially if stainless steel.
4. Remove all detergents, dish cloths, dish rack.
5. Ensure range hood lights are working.
6. Remove all objects from refrigerator e.g., pictures, magnets.
7. Remove pet bowls.


1. Remove toys, books, games, tissue boxes.
2. Remove all personal items.
3. Ensure bedside lamps are working.
4. Remove posters/stickers from walls.
5. Clear away all clothes.


1. Clean tub and shower area.
2. Remove all soaps, face washers, shampoo, bath mats, toys, scales.
3. Remove all toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, hair dryers.
4. Make sure glass and mirrors are spotless.
5. Remove all non-matching towels.
6. Remove toilet cleaning utensils.
7. Ensure toilet roll is not empty.

Outside Areas

1. Mow the lawn and trim hedges.
2. Rake leaves and sweep driveway if needed.
3. Remove all gardening equipment e.g., hoses, rakes, wheelbarrows.
4. Remove weeds from garden area.
5. Remove all vehicles or boats from driveway. Don’t park in front of house.
6. Remove all toys.

Pool/Spa Area

1. Ensure pool is clean.
2. Remove all pool cleaners and poles.
3. Remove all pool toys.

60 Minutes Before Photo Shoot

1. Set the table (optional).
2. Open all blinds.
3. Turn on all lights.
4. Turn off ceiling fans.
5. Turn off all TVs.
6. Put pets away.
7. Ensure vehicles can’t be seen.