Terms of Service

Terms of Service – Residential Real Estate Photography

Danny Hooks retains the copyright to all images.  Your purchase is for a license to use the images for a limited period of time.  License applies to marketing of the listed property, agent, and brokerage. License for marketing of the listed property expires when the property is sold or when the listing agent changes.  If the homeowner is the licensee, license remains in effect until property is sold regardless of the listing agent status.   License for marketing of the agent and brokerage has no expiration. Any other use of the images by the licensee requires a separate license.  License includes both digital and print.

License for residential real estate photography is limited to licensee only.  License is non-transferable.  Transferring images to a third party for commercial use is prohibited.   Any use by a third party including, but not limited to, builders, architects, interior designers, other listing agents, etc. is prohibited.  Third party usage requires a separate license.

All photography bookings are a direct contract between Danny Hooks and the licensee.

By scheduling a real estate photographer session with Danny Hooks, the licensee agrees to the terms and conditions listed above.

Terms of Service for commercial and architectural photography will depend on usage of images.  Please contact for details.